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Top 25 best free movies streaming sites 2018 (July updated)

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Top 20 Best free movie streaming websites list

best free movies streaming websites 2018

 Movies are one of the best ways to enjoy weekends, leisure time or even escape from boredom. Online movie streaming sites are giving boost to this entertainment. Also, with a hectic routine people usually prefer watching movies online these days. So, here is way to find all your favorite movies and TV shows.

1. justwatch

free movie streaming sites 2018
justwatchis one of the most user-centric website which gives you a good navigation experience. Websites with a better interference can give you an alluring experience in watching you favorite movie/TV show. The best part is you can select your targeted country to get specific movies filtered on the basis of your region. Another specialty of this site is that, one can get the most recent content that gets updated really fast. This makes it a great site to stream and watch all your favorite movies for free and also download them too easily in a single click with absolutely no guys go and watch movies online for free without downloading anything now

2. cosmotube

best free movie streaming websites no signup
Seehd.Ws makes movie download effortless with its effective traits. An impulsive person who keeps browsing different genres at a time should go for Seehd.Ws as it has the most user-friendly interface. One can download unlimited list of movies and TV Shows from varied genres for free without any registration or sign up process. Registration is one main reason why we avoid watching movies in some of the movie streaming sites. Well, now you can be relaxed and free from this trouble, and browse your favorite movies without any trouble or waste of time. Spend your leisure time watching great classics on this of the best free movie streaming site online.

3. putlocker

best free movie streaming site no sign up has content and categories well-organized taking into consideration the convenience of users. This feature will give you a great experience in searching or picking a movie if you have not decided which one you want to watch. Scroll through the list till you find a movie that you have not watched yet or would like to watch again. If you are very selective about the movies you watch and analyze the ratings, genre and other preferences, then this is the best movie streaming site for you. Just select the movie which you would wish to watch and hit on the play button.go and watch now best free movie streaming website

4. popcornflix

PopcornFlix is an independent distributor of TV Shows to Television market and it is absolutely free. All you need to do is search the movie you wish to watch and browse their movie library which has plenty of movies from every genre like drama, comedy, romance, thriller, action, horror and so on. Just click on the movie of your choice and watch any movie or television series you would love to binge watch. It has a huge database of movies and high video quality with all top viewed movies. So, visit this site when you plan to watch a movie next of the top movie streaming website.

5. YouTube

YouTube is a widely popular California based video sharing website with more than 800 million users. Users upload movies that are free to watch and are easily accessible. Some movies are free while some are paid. Many networks share movies from their broadcasting network for free for YouTube users to watch directly for free. One can upload movies on YouTube quite easily and let other users watch and share their comments. There are thousands of movies in different languages and genres. YouTube has the best design and smooth navigation feature which attracts users and they keep updating with innovative features to improve the user experience even more.

A movie site with minimal or no ads gives the best experience of watching movies. Ads and pop-ups are annoying and major distractions while watching a movie. takes care of this concern with streaming movies in English, Hindi, Korean and Chinese. This site is far more polished and constantly growing with increasing number of users. If you are someone who likes to watch movies online without downloading, then this is the best choice. This site will never let you down and you will keep coming back if you have watched any movie here at least once.

Cartoonhd gives you the best quality and content which is incomparable. The unique part of this site is that it shows all latest movies without compromising with the quality. So it is like a blessing to all movie enthusiasts out there who are constantly looking for a new movie. You can enjoy all the upcoming movies on this amazing site for free. If you are someone who keeps waiting desperately for upcoming movies, then this site is just perfect for you. Apart from its website also gives you an option of its app which you can download, but it look like a spam and there’s no compulsion.

House movie updates all the newest movies and shows different links to other video sources along with the quality of each video. There will be plenty of options of these video links, and so you can easily find the one which will work for you. All you have to do is click on the link and the watch the movie as the screen appears. These traits make a perfect movie video streaming source which totally deserves to be in this list of top rated online movie sites. So, you can watch all latest and old movies on this website which is 100% legal.

9.the internet archive

The Internet Archive has a huge list of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV series, movie albums and art movies. So watch out for all those movies and documentaries that you might have missed in the past as it has countless lists of genres. You can select movies from any year and you will definitely find it in the list without any disappoint. One can watch movies here for free or even download and watch. Apart from streaming movies it also has an enormous collection of intriguing documentaries from all over the world. So, think of a new list which you would love to watch here.


Retrovision is especially for nostalgic folks who would like to catch up on all those classics which never fail to give us goose bumps. It has different categories/genres like adventures, comedy, classic TV, cartoons, crime, drama, horror, sci-fi, westerns and war. Technology keeps changing with time, but we still love to watch the movies that our legends made during that time with minimal provisions. Retrovision is like a tribute to the movies of those times. It defines its name by displaying anti-slick graphic design reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s. This the most preferred site to watch all black and white movies along with early color movies. Watch TV series online for free without downloading or sign up now

more top streaming sites list for you keep scrolling


Mydownloadtube has three main categories, Genres, movies and Hollywood movies. You can even filter the movies based on categories like Hollywood, Bollywood and even Arabic. The subcategory section which consist of more than 20 different genres. You can even submit your own links once you login.


Tubi TV partners with Starz and Paramount, which makes it absolutely legal.  This site streams all trending movies, but some videos require registering for an account. Registration helps to resume where you left off when you later restart the movie. Tubi TV‘s app is pretty interesting and has several movies which can be easily downloaded in any platform.


Cracle is the best place to watch movies with through their partnership with Sony Pictures they have a huge list of movies. It has high video quality, but with few commercials. Commercials are short and won’t be that annoying. From classics to new movies you will find every movie which you wish to watch.


Viewster has a large collection of movies and series which you can stream for free. There may be a few ads in between the movies. This site quickly uploads newly released movies of every genre. You get to choose the movies on the basis of latest additions or most viewed.

15. Yidio

Yidio has around 40 different sorts of genre and you can sort the movies based on its ratings. Some of the movies may require subscription, and it has options for notifications when new episodes air or if a new video is uploaded. One can even upload movies or TV shows after creating an account.

16. Snagmovies

Snagmovies have thousands of free documentary films and even movies which can be easily saved to a queue and then watch it according to your convenience. But this feature is enabled only after the sign up. It has an interesting collection of handpicked videos that are perfect for binge watch.

17. Moviesfoundonline

Moviesfoundonline makes browsing experience easy; just sort the movies alphabetically, by latest movies or by popularity. Just enter simple keywords and find great movies and TV shows as well. In this site videos are streamed mainly from YouTube or Vimeo for free. It has movies from 144p to high definition or higher.


Top documentaries related to science, history, war and comedy are available here. Documentaries of real life incidents, top leaders and even topics that are crucial in our society are available here. So if you are person who love watching documentaries then this site is just perfect choice to watch them.


Watch unlimited HD movies for free or even download; it is completely legal. This site is much faster with high quality movies. It contains links to other sites like,,,, and many more. Movies are sorted by 4 categories like, latest, top-viewed, top rating and popular.

20. hulu

Hulu is quite popular movie streaming site and also a contender of Netflix. this is a paid movie streaming site which available only in United States of America. ithas two different plans, one is ad- supported and the other is ad-free. Although, it has a one week trial available for free.

best free movie streaming sites 2018

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